Grebban, an agency with offices in Gothenburg and Stockholm, specializes in e-commerce and branding solutions. With a focus on platforms like Shopify, Norce, and Centra, Grebban maintains a strong partnership with Lipscore. They are dedicated to helping their clients seamlessly integrate Lipscore’s capabilities into their existing systems.


Join leading brands such as Grebban’s clients—Care of Carl, Kari Traa, Dæhlie, Johaug, and Sportson—in leveraging Lipscore to collect 2 to 4 times more ratings and authentic reviews.

Browse our selected references and read about their positive experiences with Lipscore below.

Care of Carl.

We congratulate Care of Carl – Lipscore client & winner of «Netthandelsprisen 2022» (The Norwegian Online Shopping Award 2022) in the medium category. «Care of Carl has managed to build a brand [...]
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Care of Carl.

Where would you like to shop? At Care of Carl with 4,8 out of 5 stars in their customer ratings based on thousands of votes, or at one of their competitors with [...]
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