Raises six million in fresh capital and starts up Lipscore UK

We have had fantastic growth in the last couple of years, and are now raising six million in fresh capital. With this, we continue our effort in Norway, increase in Sweden and start up a brand new department in the UK!

Raises six millions in fresh capital and starts up Lipscore UK

Fantastic growth in the last couple of years

In just over two years, we have gone from 25 to 250 customers and we are still experiencing fantastic growth! Especially in Sweden, we are now really starting to gain momentum, with well-known brands such as Din Sko, Skopunkten, Indiska, Care of Carl, Scorett and Sportshopen on our customer list. In Norway, we are now the largest player on the market for customer and product reviews (measured in revenue), with more and more of Norway’s leading brands as customers: Ark, Skeidar, Jernia, Europris, Apotek 1 and The Body Shop, to name a few.

Raises six millions in fresh capital

After doubling turnover two years in a row, we carried out an issue at the end of June, where we raised just over six million in fresh capital. At a time where it is difficult to raise money, we are particularly pleased to have raised NOK 1.1 million above the target of NOK 5 million! We are now looking forward to put more resources on sales and marketing, as well as to develop a few more new products and services.

Increased effort in Sweden

The money from the issue will primarily be used for growth of the commercial team. If we are to operate as we have done in recent years, where we double our turnover every year, we must have more ggreat people on the team and more marketing. We are now actively recruiting salespeople in Sweden, and are approaching the final phase of recruitment. In addition, we are scaling up our marketing in Sweden in the coming months.

Started up Lipscore UK

On 1 August we started a new department north of London (Peterburough) where there are now two extremely good and experienced salespeople who are creating exceptional results already after the first month! In just a few weeks they have booked more than twenty sales meetings and signed two clients. So it looks very promising for Lipscore in the UK too!

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