Vita has been harnessing the power of Lipscore for over three years now, and the results speak for themselves. With an impressive response rate on ratings, they’ve successfully accumulated ratings for nearly 70% of their extensive product range. This accomplishment is particularly noteworthy for a brand committed to continuous product development and renewal.

What’s truly striking is the impact on conversion rates. Products with more than 10 ratings boast a conversion rate three times higher than those without ratings. This underscores the undeniable value of collecting ratings and reviews in driving conversion and boosting sales.

But it doesn’t stop there. Vita’s commitment to gathering feedback from their customers goes beyond mere numbers. It’s a powerful strategy to foster customer engagement and cultivate brand ambassadors and loyal customers.

With an outstanding average product rating of 4.55 out of 5 stars, Vita’s customers are clearly delighted with their products. These stellar ratings are a testament to Vita’s dedication to delivering quality and customer satisfaction.

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