Uhip, a Swedish brand of outdoor clothing for equestrians, uses Lipscore to collect customer reviews and gain valuable feedback for product development.

According to Martina Rosendahl, Conversion Specialist at Uhipwear, the reviews help customers find answers to their questions and reduce the number of product-related inquiries received by the customer service team.

The feedback gathered from product reviews is essential to identify trends in customer preferences regarding fit and functionality, and to make informed decisions for future collections and productions.

With Lipscore’s automatic translation feature, all incoming reviews are translated into eight languages, allowing customers to access the content in their native language.

Uhip utilizes Litium’s e-commerce platform and worked with Motillo to seamlessly integrate Lipscore into their online store. This makes it easy for customers to provide feedback and for Uhip to utilize that feedback in their product descriptions, improving the overall customer experience.

E-commerce solution: Litium


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