Siden Selma.

A few months back, Siden Selma decided to explore Lipscore’s Free Analysis and was immensely impressed by the outcomes. Since integrating Lipscore, Siden Selma has achieved a remarkable 73% response rate for ratings and 10% for reviews over the past 30 days. This means nearly 3 out of 4 customers have provided feedback, which is an exceptional achievement!

This wealth of feedback empowers Siden Selma to fine-tune product quality, optimize their offerings, and enhance customer satisfaction, brand perception, and service quality.

Joel Riert, Ecommerce Manager at Siden Selma, says, “Lipscore’s Free Analysis convinced us to join. It showed how our customers felt and their readiness to review products. Plus, using social proof, which we’d missed before, now gives us better marketing tools.”

With an impressive average rating of 4.57 from 2,290 ratings, it’s clear that customers are highly satisfied with Siden Selma’s products. Given the momentum, we anticipate the online store to be brimming with ratings and reviews in no time.

Platform: Norce

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