Right Price Tiles.

Right Price Tiles is committed to enhancing customer experience across both online and physical stores by working closely with ITX and Lipscore to improve customer service and the overall buying experience.

Their goal is to provide a seamless omnichannel buying experience by connecting the online store’s customer service with the physical store, ensuring efficient control over all customer communication and delivering prompt responses to customer inquiries.

To offer quick answers to questions, Right Price Tiles utilizes Lipscore’s Q&A feature, allowing customers to ask product-related questions directly on the product pages of their online store. These questions can be answered promptly by the customer service platform, along with other inquiries.

Thanks to its seamless integration, Lipscore serves as a communication channel within ITX, operating alongside chat, telephone, and email. This means that both Q&As and negative reviews (via the Support Trigger) are directed to a separate Lipscore queue in ITX as chat messages.

Lipscore-partner ITX, has developed an exceptional solution that delivers a fast, efficient, and personalized customer service experience, which has been well-received by our mutual customers.

E-commerce solution: Gurusoft


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