Nordvik Bolig.

We are SO proud to be part of Nordvik Boligs newest innovation – the Nordvik app! And impressed by how Nordvik have embraced the Lipscore technology and found new and creative ways of utilizing our tech to create a competitive advantage in the real estate industry.

Every time a home is sold through Nordvik, the seller is invited to give feedback on their customer experience. The results are collected in an index that is updated daily, and which is available in the Nordvik-app and on

This means that anyone can go to and read exactly what other customers think about the help they have received from Nordvik through the sales process!

“When we started measuring customer satisfaction in March, we were excited to see if the customers were in fact as happy with us as we thought. Luckily, they were! We have received several thousand replies already, and the average is a whopping 4.8 out of 5 “, says CEO of Nordvik Bolig, Martin Kiligitto.

As far as we know, Nordvik is the only real estate chain that is open about their customers satisfaction! And we love that!

Download the Nordvik-app and check it out!

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