Montér is the largest chain for building materials in Norway, boasting approximately 140 stores throughout the country. Their mission is to create the industry’s premier online store for do-it-yourself customers, and as such, they have implemented Lipscore to gather ratings and reviews.

By collecting product ratings and reviews, Montér is able to provide valuable information to potential buyers, which helps them make better purchase decisions. Additionally, Montér benefits from valuable insights that enable them to improve product descriptions, create better products, optimize their product range, and address customer dissatisfaction promptly, leading to better business decisions.

Montér’s online store also enables customers to ask questions directly on product pages, allowing other customers to see the questions and read Montér’s responses. This additional product information helps potential customers make more informed purchase decisions and improves Montér’s customer service. By providing a platform for frequently asked product-related questions, Montér can handle inquiries more efficiently and ultimately improve the overall customer experience.

E-commerce solution: Custom/Self-developed

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