Hasta Home.

Hasta Home started gathering ratings and reviews with Lipscore in August, and with a response rate of 22% they already have received feedback from more than 1.000 customers!

We love how the customized ratings and reviews widgets looks on their website, and on mobile too. Creating trust.

“We are really happy and excited, it all sounds so smooth and intuitive, it’s really unbelievable after all we have been through with our previous solution for collecting ratings and reviews “, Mathias Kaski, Site manager at Hasta Home, said after their training meeting with our Customer Success Manager.

Hasta Home is a modern family business, offering curtains and home textiles with attractive designs and smart features to the European market. They have started to gather product and service reviews for their Swedish website <hastahome.se>. Soon they will be collecting reviews for all their websites: hastahome.nohastahome.fihastahome.co.uk and hastahome.com.

By using features such as Q&A, Advanced Product Management and Automatic Translations, we’re pretty sure Hasta Home soon will have thousands of ratings and reviews on all their websites, creating trust in all markets by displaying the reviews in the local language.

We can’t wait to see the results for all of them!

E-commerce solution: WooCommerce


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