The Norwegian online store, GolfShopen, stands as a sterling example of customer engagement excellence. Specializing in golf equipment, they have achieved an impressive average product rating of 4.57 across all products in the past 30 days.

So, what’s their secret?

They harness the power of Lipscore to collect invaluable ratings and reviews. The green stars in their product listings and on each product page, seamlessly integrated with GolfShopen’s aesthetic, empower potential buyers to make informed decisions. This is achieved by instantly showcasing real user ratings and reviews.

This genuine feedback from actual users builds a foundation of trust in GolfShopen’s offerings, leading to higher conversion rates and boosted sales.

Running on the Magento eCommerce platform, GolfShopen benefits from our native Lipscore apps. These apps are tailor-made for Magento, simplifying the integration process. This means integrating with Lipscore was a breeze!

More Stars. Real Reviews.

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