Friendly Soap

“5 stars – I would give more if I could!” exclaims Friendly Soap, an ethical manufacturer of vegan soap, shampoo, and shaving bars in the UK.

“I can highly recommend using Lipscore. Their customer service team are fantastic, and they are entirely dedicated to making sure that their customers get the very best results,” shares Friendly Soap.

Friendly Soap integrated Lipscore ratings and reviews at the end of August. In merely a month, they’ve succeeded in accruing ratings and reviews on approximately 70% of their products! Boasting an impressive response rate of 40.5% for ratings over the last 30 days, it’s undeniable that customers are actively engaged with their brand.

And with a stellar average rating of 4.82 across all products, it’s evident that customers are not just engaged, but extremely satisfied with their purchases. This authentic feedback from real users fosters trust in Friendly Soap’s offerings, catalyzing elevated conversion and sales.

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