FLANCI Activewear

FLANCI started using Lipscore to gather product reviews in November, and with the impressive response rate of 44% there is no doubt that their customers are engaged in their business!

We love how the testimonial widgets are displayed on product pages, giving potential customers the final confirmation that this is a good purchase, thus contributing to increased conversion and sales.

“Our experience with Lipscore so far has been fantastic”, says Nicky Chrascina, the owner and director of FLANCI. “From sign up, to Lipscore linking and synchronising the platform to our website, right the way through to being able to manage the Lipscore back office. Very easy and straight forward to use.”

Since 2017, FLANCI has delivered colorful running kits to the UK market and based on the feedback so far it seems like FLANCI has filled a gap in the market that make their customers very happy!

“We have had fantastic engagement from our customers so far and are delighted with the service we have received from Lipscore. Highly recommend”, Nicky says.

Soon, FLANCI will be collecting service reviews in addition to product reviews, and we look forward to seeing those bright stars when entering this colorful online store!

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