Fargerike, Norway’s largest paint retailer with 98 locations nationwide, recently partnered with Lipscore to gather customer ratings and reviews. We’re thrilled to see how they’ve successfully translated their in-store expertise to their digital platform through insightful customer reviews and engaging Q&A sessions.

The customer ratings and reviews offer insights into how products are rated and reviewed by other users.

The Q&A feature on Fargerike’s online product pages allows customers to ask specific questions, promptly answered by Fargerike’s team of experts. These Q&As are accessible to all customers.

This added layer of information not only equips potential buyers with the data needed for informed decisions, but it also elevates Fargerike’s customer service to a new level.

By rolling out these features, Fargerike has smartly digitalized its advisory services, meeting and even exceeding the continuously evolving needs and wants of its customer base.

Platform: Optimizely / Integration: Epinova


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