Europris, a retail gem in Norway, leverages Lipscore to elevate online customer engagement! Boasting a response rate on ratings that exceed the Lipscore average, Europris surpasses the norm, flawlessly integrating Lipscore`s functionalities into their operations.

Beyond the online realm, Europris stands out by collecting reviews not just for their online store but also from their physical stores. This dynamic approach not only enriches their online presence but also provides invaluable insights and data, creating a comprehensive customer experience.

What sets Europris apart? The magic lies in their strategic use of Lipscore’s Product Reviews and Service Reviews. By leveraging these features, Europris enhances its product listings, providing customers with detailed insights that empower their purchase decisions.

This dynamic approach amplifies their digital footprint and provides invaluable insights and data, crafting a comprehensive customer experience. The synergy of Lipscore`s capabilities and Europris’ dedication, results in heightened customer trust, and an overall surge in conversion rates.

Utilizing the Magento platform and Visma as integration partner, Europris exemplifies the effortless integration of Lipscore into their eCommerce platform. The result? A tech-driven customer engagement journey that aligns with Europris’ commitment to customer satisfaction and innovation.

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