Black Cat.

Black Cat, Norway’s oldest coffee and teahouse, have been gathering ratings and reviews with Lipscore since early 2021. Their response rate of close to 50% this year, speaks volumes on how engaged their customers are – so we’re not surprised they’re doing great!

“We are very satisfied with your product and services”, Lars Røst Christoffersen, CEO at Black Cat says. “You are forward-thinking and come up with good suggestions and input on how we can improve, and how we can use Lipscore for the best possible effect. The solution is easy to use and suits our needs well.”

Black Cat has an online store which sells to both consumers and other businesses, as well as two brick & mortar stores in Oslo.

A lot of the customer’s journey starts online, regardless of whether they’re buying coffee for themselves, their family, and friends or even colleagues. With tons of reviews, Black Cat is making it easier for the customers to choose the right coffee or tea that’s perfect for their taste!

With feedback from 1 out of 2 customers online, Black Cat get large amounts of data that they can use to improve their range of products:

  • Which products are customers most satisfied with?
  • Which products can be improved?
  • What are the main points customers are highlighting?
  • Which brands have the highest and lowest quality?

E-commerce solution: Shopify

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