Azuni offers premium, uniquely designed, and handcrafted jewellery to customers across the globe. By collecting both Service Reviews and Product Reviews with Lipscore, they enhance trust in all their markets.

Service reviews help build confidence in Azuni as a company, as potential customers can read about others’ overall shopping experiences. Product reviews foster trust in the products themselves, as consumers tend to rely more on the opinions of actual users rather than sales-oriented product descriptions. Moreover, reviews contribute to more informed purchasing decisions, leading to higher customer satisfaction and potentially reduced return rates.

Azuni offers many of their products in different colours and collects ratings and reviews for each variant. By displaying these on each product page, they generate a higher volume of ratings and reviews for their entire product portfolio. This strategy further helps to establish trust with potential customers and increases the likelihood of a sale.

The RealReviews™ logo at the top of the review listings and the verified buyer badges accompanying each review serve as a guarantee to Azuni’s customers that all reviews are 100% genuine, thus boosting trust across markets.

E-commerce solution: Magento

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