6 Reasons to Choose Lipscore Ratings & Reviews


1. The market’s best response rate.

Get 2 to 4 times more ratings and reviews by replacing other solutions with Lipscore. This is why Lipscore is the fastest-growing solution for gathering ratings and reviews in the Nordics, with clients such as The Body Shop, Telia, Elisa, Gaitline, Care of Carl and Voice.

Read more about why we have the market’s best response rate and what this means for you and your online store here.

2. The best price per rating and review

It does not help if a platform for ratings & reviews is cheap, if the response rate is low. Then the price you pay per rating & review will be high, and the value correspondingly low because you need a critical mass of ratings & reviews to gain increased trust, conversion and sales.

Because we have the market’s best response rate, the price you pay per rating & review will normally be much lower with us than with competing solutions.

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3. Large amounts of customer data

With the market’s best response rate, there are no other tools that make it possible to collect more Product Reviews, Service Reviews and Store Reviews than Lipscore.

This gives you large amounts of customer data you i.a. can use to:

  • Measure the quality of each product.
  • Produce high-quality content in the online store.
  • Optimize the range.
  • Negotiate with suppliers.
  • Measure customers’ online shopping experience.
  • Capture dissatisfied customers.
  • Improve and streamline customer service.
  • Measure customers’ shopping experience in physical stores.

Read more about how you can use customer data from Lipscore to measure and analyze products, brands and physical stores here.

You own your customer data. This is not a matter of course. Clients who have decided to switch to Lipscore have unfortunately experienced that they are not allowed to continue using the user reviews they have collected through their previous partner.

4. Advanced functionality

With Lipscore, you get more ratings & reviews because we have the market’s best response rate, and because we have advanced functionality for efficient utilization of ratings & reviews across product variants, markets and online stores:

  • Automatic translation of ratings & reviews into all the languages your online store supports.
  • Sharing ratings & reviews between different online stores.
  • Advanced product management.

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5. Get started fast

To help our customers succeed with their Ratings & Reviews, we have a Customer Success Team that is ready to assist. Once you have decided to sign up, you’ll be invited to a startup meeting with your dedicated Customer Success Manager. They will help you get up and running no matter what e-commerce platform you use.

Read more about our expertise here.

Lipscore works on all e-commerce platforms. We have native apps for e-commerce platforms, which makes integration with Lipscore quick and easy. Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will help you with the entire process.

Read more about integrations here.

6. Real Reviews

We believe that honest feedback contributes to better customer experiences, better companies and better employees, regardless of whether the user reviews are positive or negative.

Therefore, it is not possible to submit anonymous user reviews via Lipscore, and 98% of the user reviews collected via Lipscore are verified buyers. This means that we can guarantee that they have actually bought the product or service they are giving feedback on.

Because we want to be completely transparent, we have made a detailed description of how our system works and how we work with our customers to ensure 100% genuine user reviews.

Read more about how Lipscore ensures 100% genuine user reviews here

Become a master of ratings & reviews – without breaking the law

When striving for many positive user reviews, it can be tempting to offer free products, gift cards or points to those who leave a review, let employees write reviews, as well as to change, delete or hide negative reviews. But cheating with user reviews has a high risk.

Therefore, we have created a guide for you who want to learn how to work with user reviews to stay within the Personal Data Act and the Marketing Act. Read the whole guide here.

Let’s help your business get more ratings and reviews!

Lipscore is the most effective platform for gathering and using ratings and reviews. We help companies become more profitable and access important customer insight, product insight, and purchasing power.

We’d love to see how we can help your business get more ratings and reviews and how you can use this to increase your turnover.

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