From 4 to 8 employees in two years – focus on improvements and increased growth for Rudo babyutstyr

Rudo babyutstyr has gained market share since they launched their online store in June 2020. «You never get better if you don’t change things that don’t work. And the customers’ feedback has led to several improvements,» says Stine Brovold Christensen Løke, Assistant General Manager at Rudo babyutstyr.

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Strollers made from old bicycle parts? Yes, that’s how it started!

Rudo babyutstyr is a family-owned company that sells strollers and baby accessories online. The company was founded in 1946 and was originally a bicycle workshop. But since there were so few strollers after the end of the war, they switched to making strollers from old bicycle parts and margarine boxes. As time went on, the business developed into a wholesale business importing strollers and baby accessories to the Norwegian market.

Online shopping has led to more market shares

From only doing physical trade, it eventually became a question of keeping up with time and starting online sales. In the midst of the ongoing pandemic, June 25 2020, the online store was launched. «After that, we have taken new market shares in the industry and we are growing all the time!» says Stine Brovold Christensen Løke, Assistant General Manager at Rudo Baby Equipment.

When the team worked on getting the online store ready, they only had 4 employees. But growth has been rapid and today there are 8 employees who work on everything from creating own content to marketing and stock management.

Wants to be able to guide first-time parents

«Everyone who works for us knows the products we sell well, so that they can give the customers the best possible help», says Stine. «We want to be able to give first-time parents tips and guidance to find the right product in the jungle of baby accessories», she continues. It is important to be personal and have the necessary knowledge to be able to guide new parents who do not necessarily know what they need.

«Reels are the big thing right now and we have started filming more ourselves», says Stine. «It has a very good effect because it becomes more personal.» And creating own content is something the team at Rudo wants to work on even more in the future. That is why they have built their own photo studio. They also get help from family and friends with children to document and share rolling trips and Sunday walks. So that the content becomes more authentic, personal and real.

You never get better if you don’t change things that don’t work

«Both criticism and praise are important to us», says Stine. And explains how they were looking for a tool to collect customer reviews. Not just to get feedback from customers, but to highlight how both the products and the company were perceived. «You can never get better if you don’t correct things that might not work», a motto that Stine repeats several times and which clearly means a lot for the team at Rudo.

Although the company has not had much time and resources to go through the statistics yet, in a time of strong growth, Stine emphasizes that the effect is clear and that the gut feeling is strong. «We know we have a lot more we can do with Lipscore. Now we will soon bring in more employees, so we hope to be able to spend more time on that», says Stine. Who are also very satisfied with the help they have received from Lipscore’s Customer Success Team.

The customers’ feedback has led to several improvements

The company has several times made concrete changes based on feedback they have received from their customers. It could, for example, be about a product that had an inadequate description, images that were not clear enough, or where the colors were not reproduced well enough. «We’ve used customer feedback to improve much of the content on our product pages. As well as how we enter information on certain items», explains Stine. Customer service keeps track of all feedback, and follows up with customers if necessary. «When we get feedback we can do something about, we do it», says Stine.

Gives customers a sense of security

Lipscore’s widgets are one of the first things you see when you visit the online store, and it shows how satisfied our customers are. «Then the customers feel that this is a good place to shop», explains Stine, who is of course incredibly happy about the 4.7 out of 5 star rating.

She explains that the feedback is incredibly important for Rudo. Alternative solutions, such as sending out surveys to customers, are not as effective. She also emphasizes that it can be difficult to get the customers’ honest opinion if you ask directly over the phone. It is easier for customers to say what they actually think when they are given the opportunity to write a few lines.

Customer feedback and brainstorming

Rudo is a company where everyone are encouraged to come up with ideas. So the list of what the team wants to achieve is long. «We always want to improve. It is important to have goals to work towards», says Stine. She realizes that you can become a bit blind in the end, regardless of what you work on. «Without feedback from customers, you can never know for sure where there is the greatest room for improvement», she concludes. «Lipscore is very easy to use. We get good feedback on what works for us and what doesn’t. And we feel that we are being heard. All in all, very satisfied with Lipscore», summarizes Stine.

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