Customer feedback makes Lanullva’s products even better

For the woolen clothing manufacturer Lanullva, customers’ opinions about the products are absolutely essential. Thanks to the collaboration with Lipscore, the path from the customer to the production has become even shorter.

«It is very important to us that customers are satisfied with the products. With us, the users’ feedback goes to the production manager immediately, so that the products are constantly improved. That is why Lipscore is a key in our product development», says Frank Skjelland, responsible for online shopping in Lanullva. with product reviews from Lipscore ratings & reviews

It is important to bring out the unique

Frank Skjelland is not only responsible for e-commerce in the company, he is also the grandson of founder Brit Vinje Lyngstad, who founded the company in 1994. For Lanullva is a family business, founded on care and love of the warming kind.

«Grandfather Eilif worked a lot in the forest and needed clothes that both breathed and warmed well. Grandmother was a trained clothing technician, and she developed a unique knitting technique that made the clothes both breathable and insulated extra well», says Skjelland.

Neighborhoods who were working in the woods with Eilif noticed that he was not freezing, and they wanted the same unique clothes. Soon Brit was on his way to Switzerland to buy a knitting machine, and this was the start of a long and adventurous story of wool and love.

«Grandma’s innovative technology is repeated in all our products to this day, and it is important to us that the uniqueness of the products is conveyed on our websites. Lipscore is very important to us – they open up for feedback from real people

Essential functionality

Today, Lanullva is a company with 27 employees, but the same quality awareness still permeates the wool producer. Lanullva has full control of the entire value chain, from sheep in Austria to finished products in Lyngstad in Romsdal. They develop all the products themselves, and they use the feedback from customers actively in further development. According to Frank Skjelland, it was an obvious choice to enter into a collaboration with Lipscore.

«There were no other providers that had the same functionality as Lipscore. We started the collaboration in 2017, and we have been incredibly happy all the way.»

Unique channel between customer and manufacturer

He goes on to say that the system works very well, and that Lipscore is on the ball and developing new solutions all the time.

«It is not often in this industry that you experience this. There are no hidden costs here. Lipscore is simply a very good partner », says Frank Skjelland.

Over the past year, Lanullva has added two different widgets to its websites that improve contact with customers. One is a service widget on the front page to build trust with new customers, and the other is on the product side and gives customers the opportunity to read and post feedback on products. Skjelland always reads product reviews when he buys goods online, and he greatly appreciates this unique channel between customer and manufacturer.

«This functionality is for the benefit of both us and our customers. We as a company can get feedback, and customers get even better products back. And because Lanullva has full control of all links in the production chain, we have a very short response time from customers reporting a need until the product has been improved», concludes Frank Skjelland.

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