Customers listen more to each other than to book reviews when choosing books to buy

Ark mainly sells books. They have collected a whopping 52,000 ratings and 17,300 reviews with Lipscore since 2020, and have seen an increase in sales and conversion after they started displaying the reviews on product pages.

the online store with Lipscore product reviews

Important to be «top of mind»

Ark is Norway’s largest bookstore chain with 154 stores, an online store and a reading app where customers can read e-books online. «It’s all about being where the customers are», says Product Owner Digital Commerce in Ark, Leif Terje Bjerke. The chain mainly sells books, but also games, office supplies and toys.

The online store has existed since 2012, and has a natural role in Ark’s strategy to be visible and «top of mind». «Product reviews are important because customers listen more to each other than to book reviews», says Leif Terje. «If 30-40 customers give a star rating to a book, it means a lot to new customers».

Connects product reviews to actual purchases

The product reviews on are linked to real customers and real purchases, which is incredibly important. The reviews are published on the product pages to show customers what others think of the products. «We never censor», says Leif Terje. «We publish all reviews, as long as the content is not inappropriate. In Lipscore backend some inappropriate words are flagged, so that we have the opportunity to go through and contact the customer before we publish. Which is good!».

In book reviews, opinions can vary widely because what you like and don’t like is very subjective. But when it comes to other types of products, such as toys, Ark uses the product reviews to follow up and respond to both negative and positive feedback from customers. «All feedback is taken seriously. But most of the feedback we get is clearly positive», says Leif Terje and points out how important it is that the company knows what customers think of the products.

Lipscore’s dashboard is very easy to use

«We are very pleased with Lipscore. Incredibly good follow-up from the Customer Success Team and a dashboard that is easy to work with», says Leif Terje. He explains how easy it is to follow the daily feedback that comes in, and to answer questions or comments from customers.

«Lipscore is a great partner who helps us improve communication and increase the response rate for the email invitations we send to customers», he continues. «It’s super easy for customers to give a star rating and write a review when they receive an invitation. They don’t need to log in, so it’s very easy.» Ark started the collaboration with Lipscore in 2020 and has already collected a total of 52,000 ratings and 17,300 reviews.

Easy to customize mailings according to customer type

For Ark, it is important to work with how to formulate the invitations we send out and assessing how often an invitation should be sent out to different customers. «People who shop with us often run the risk of receiving many invitations. So it’s important to limit yourself a bit and decide how often a returning customer should be invited to give feedback», says Leif Terje.

He explains that it is possible to choose whether to send emails directly via Lipscore or via an integration. Ark chose the solution with a simple integration to be able to do the mailings themselves and adjust when and how often the invitations should be sent out, depending on the type of customer and product. «If it’s a book, the customer should ideally have time to read the book first, so then you should wait a little before sending it out. But if it’s a toy, the invitation can be sent shortly after the purchase».

Important to show both positive and negative reviews

Ark mostly sells books and has seen an increase in sales and conversion since they started collecting product reviews. «If a customer is unsure about which book to choose and sees that a book has received 5 stars and 30-40 reviews, it certainly increases the chance that the customer will actually buy the book».

«We sell all books published in Norway and even if they get a bad review, we don’t take them off the shelves. We sell everything regardless and never remove negative feedback because it is very important to be transparent», states Leif Terje, who also believes that it can have a positive impact when the collection of feedback is done by a well-known platform such as Lipscore.

«The service and ease of use is very good and if we have any questions or problems they fix it in no time. We are very satisfied with both the service and the follow-up from Team Lipscore!»

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