GARANTERT økt responsrate – eller pengene tilbake!

At Lipscore, we GUARANTEE we’ll increase your response rate, or you don’t pay!

The guarantee requires that you have a solution for collecting ratings & reviews today, where you can measure the response rate. You get your money back if your response rate does NOT increase with Lipscore, and you therefore choose to end your Lipscore subscription within 3 months.

How to measure the response rate

The number of responses divided by the number of invitations sent = the response rate

Best response rate

Get 2 to 4 times more ratings and reviews by replacing other solutions with Lipscore. This is why Lipscore is the fastest-growing solution for gathering ratings and reviews in the Nordics, with clients such as The Body Shop, Telia, Elisa, Gaitline, Care of Carl and Voice.

Read more about why we have the market’s best response rate and what this means for you and your online store here.

Real Reviews

We also guarantee that all ratings and reviews collected with Lipscore is 100% genuine. Read more about Real Reviews here.


Would you like to know more about our RESPONSE GUARANTEE?

Companies that use Lipscore get feedback from 22,83% of their customers. The general average is just 4-11%. Therefore, we GUARANTEE we’ll increase your response rate, so that you get more ratings & reviews in your online store!


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