Multicase offers a complete integration between their online store solution and Lipscore. This means that it’s quick and easy for Multicase clients to start collecting ratings and reviews with Lipscore.

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Do like 25+ Multicase online stores – Skit Fiske, Gamera, Garasjetid, VPG, Vevle Interiør, Klubben and many more – and get 2 to 4 times more ratings and real reviews with Lipscore!

See selected references and read about their experience with Lipscore below.

The Multicase Integration

Type of integration: App developed by Multicase  

Who can do the integration: Multicase developers 

Estimated time for integration: Depending on Multicase’s implementation queue. Around 2 weeks from when all necessary information is provided to the developers. 

Estimated cost for the integration (charged by Multicase): 7500 nok + 150 nok per month for maintenance + hourly rate for time spent on setup and testing of integration 

Lipscore onboarding process, Step 1. You sign a deal with Lipscore and order integration with MultiCase.  A case is then assigned to the Multicase management system. 

Let’s help your business get 2-4 times more ratings and 100% real reviews!