ITX streamlines and simplifies customer service with everything in one solution.

With Lipscore Q&A, you let customers ask questions directly on the product page and publish the answers together with the product information. In this way, you enrich the product information, while saving your own customer service from answering the same questions repeatedly.

With ITX, you get one button for answering phone, chat, social media, SMS, email and Lipscore Q&A. Everything is stored on the customer.

The result is fast and personalized customer service – your employees save time.


More and more chains and online stores are choosing to use Lipscore and ITX to create better customer experiences.

See some of our references live by clicking on the logos below.

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Would you like to know more about Lipscore Q&A & ITX?

ITX offers a complete integration with the Lipscore Q&A module. This means that Lipscore Q&A easily is integrated with the ITX contact center, so that all customer dialogue can be handled in one place.

By choosing modules that are adapted to your everyday work, ITX can tailor a communication solution to your company. ITX is not a big and expensive project – you can get started in a few weeks.

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