We work together with the best agencies and solutions in the market.


Web development

Magento development agency rated No 1 on in the UK by our clients. Let us integrate Lipscore into your Magento e-commerce Website.

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Abicart is Sweden's largest platform for e-commerce. Abicart-customers have a heavy discount on Lipscore.

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A platform that makes it easy to collect photos from your customers. With Lipscore and Cevoid in combination, you have everything you need to succeed with user-generated content.

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Web development

For 20 years, Digitroll has been a leading Norwegian supplier of websites, B2B and B2C online stores, many of which also use Lipscore.

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E2 Solutions

Web development

E2 Solutions is a Shopify Partner that delivers design and development of online stores, as well as support and advice on the Shopify e-commerce platform.

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Popular AI-powered solution for personalized search and product recommendation. Findify and Lipscore can be integrated in a few clicks.

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Web development

Frontkom has extensive experience and expertise in setting up complex eCommerce sites powered by Drupal Commerce.

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Marketing agency

Fullstakk can help get more effect from Lipscore by optimizing how ratings appear on Google and your online store.

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Web development

Grebban is an agency based in Gothenburg and Stockholm. Specialists in e-commerce and branding. Works closely with Lipscore.

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ITX streamline and simplify customer service with an all-in-one solution that includes Lipscore Support Trigger and Q&A.

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The Kindly platform helps online stores increase their conversion rate. Collaborates closely with Lipscore.

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Lipscore integrates seamlessly with Litium so you can streamline your operations, improve customer engagement, and increase sales, all in one platform.

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Makes You Local


MakesYouLocal helps businesses from all over Europe succeed abroad. We are specialised in e-commerce, customer service and online growth and provide businesses with the means to international success.

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Web development

One of the Nordic region's strongest full-service e-commerce agencies with over 12 years of experience in e-commerce. Certified partner at WooCommerce and Litium Commerce Cloud.

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Web development

E-commerce consultants and specialists help distributors, retailers and brands increase e-commerce sales, both B2C and B2B.

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Multicase business system has helped trading companies become more efficient for 20 years. With the native app for Multicase, Lipscore is easily integrated with your online store.

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Mystore is Norway's largest platform for e-commerce. Mystore customers have a fixed low price on integration and subscription on Lipscore.

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In 2021, Jetshop and Storm merged. The new e-commerce platform has been named Norce. With a native app, Lipscore integrates easily with the online store.

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Web development

PearlConvert are experts in digital commerce. They develop and operate digital trading solutions based on Magento.

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Stellar Consulting

Marketing agency

Agency that help companies lay out profitable digital strategies and make better decisions for their marketing.

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Marketing agency

Digital marknadsföringsbyrå med kontor i Norge och Sverige. En av väldigt få byråer i Norden som har status som Google Premier Partner.

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With the Viskan e-commerce platform, you get a scalable platform where you are allowed to grow frictionlessly. Lipscore is integrated with the platform.

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Visma Digital Commerce

Web development

Deliver consulting, development, design, UI / UX, and full operation of Magento online stores. Can also help set up Lipscore.

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