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All solutions gathering product ratings and reviews offer the same basic tools. What makes Lipscore unique is the high response rate. Choose Lipscore if the most important is to build a base with ratings and 100% real reviews for the entire product portfolio.

Below you will find an overview of the most important Lipscore-features. Get expert advice and a solution that will fit your needs perfectly. design invitations and widgets, integration, testing and implementation. You get training, and we’ll follow you up in the way you want and needs.

The Best Response rate

Get 2 to 4 times more ratings and reviews than with other solutions.

Horseonline decided to switch to Lipscore from one of the worlds’ largest solutions for gathering ratings and reviews – simply to gather MORE customer feedback! With their previous solution they had a response rate of 6-7%; with Lipscore they now have an impressive response rate of 24%!

«We think that Lipscore has a smarter way of working with reviews. Not all customers want to leave a justification. And with Lipscore’s Product Attributes where we can ask customers to rate product attributes such as size, quality, comfort etc. we believe that we will get valuable feedback from our customers without forcing them to write a justification. Having said that, we do not feel that the number of written reviews has decreased», says Timmy Norin, CMO / Co-owner at Horseonline.

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100% Real Reviews

No other solution on the market gives you more ratings and reviews than Lipscore, or can guarantee that all reviews are 100% real, written by real customers, in their own words, unedited and verified by their identity.

«Many people fake reviews these days, so it’s important for us to show that our reviews come from real customers. And that we have a third-party system verifying our reviews, » says Berit Sjøvik, CIO at Makeup Mekka.

Lipscore’s built-in functionality ensures that all reviews come from genuine customers. And that they are written in the buyer’s own words without changes.

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Advanced product management

Do you sell the same product in different sizes and colors? Gather ratings and reviews for all the different product variants to get a higher volume of ratings and reviews for your product portfolio.

Lanullva Lanullva sell the same product in different sizes and colors. Which is the case for numerous online stores. With Lipscore Advanced Product Management they can gather ratings and reviews for all the different product variants and display them on all the products. This gives them a higher volume of ratings and reviews for their entire product portfolio!

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Automatic translations

When you want to sell your products in a new market, it’s beneficial to have a good amount of ratings and reviews. Our translation module translates all reviews to whatever language your online shop supports, so all customers can read reviews in their own language.

Makeup Mekka has recently expanded to several new markets, and they display reviews in local languages. «It increases trust when entering a new market,», says CEO Berit Sjøvik.

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Share between shops

Do you have more than one online store, or do you want to scale up internationally? Lipscore Reviews Syndication enables you to share ratings and reviews between different online stores, giving you increased exposure and sales from the first day.

Cykelkraft is owned by Spobik AB. Cykelkraft is owned by Spobik AB. The two brands sell many of the same products and with Lipscore, they can share ratings and reviews between their separate online stores. This means more ratings & reviews for both brands!

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Product Attributes

Do you want more detailed feedback on products?

With Product Attributes, in addition to overall product rating and review, you can ask your shoppers to rate up to 3 product attributes – e.g., size, quality, comfort. In addition to asking customers to rate each product overall. The attributes are 100% customizable to provide you with the most relevant category-specific feedback.

In addition to overall product ratings and reviews, Scorett ask their customers to rate the actual size, quality and fit of their shoes. This additional information helps their customers make better informed and more qualified purchase decisions, which in turn leads to increased customer satisfaction and fewer returns.

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Adapted design

One of the advantages of Lipscore is that our ratings & reviews widgets can be adapted and customized to fit your website design. You can choose between standard out-of-the-box layouts, colors and styles or design widgets exactly how you want them with CSS inside your account.

Just look at these widgets perfectly matching with‘s design and proudly displaying the well-deserved overall 4,9 score!

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Google Rich Snippets

Google Rich Snippets supports showing ratings and reviews in Google search results. The organic search result will display the star rating when a potential customer searches for a product. This can help increase the click rate.

Lampehuset got 416% more SEO traffic by ensuring that Lipscore reviews were shown more often on Google.

Our partner Fullstakk can help to get more effect from Lipscore by optimizing how ratings appear on Google and on websites.

Google Shopping Feed

Make your ratings and reviews visible in Google Shopping ads A Google Shopping XML feed is automatically updated with new ratings and reviews every day.’s ratings and reviews gathered through Lipscore are visible in Google Shopping Ads.

How it works? Everyday, a Google Shopping XML feed gets automatically updated with new ratings & reviews, so that aggregated customer feedback for their products are displayed to potential shoppers on Google!

These ratings & reviews help with product research and purchase decisions, driving more qualified customers to’s product pages.

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Lipscore Support Trigger

Support Trigger

Support Trigger helps you spot and deal with unhappy customers. A case is automatically created in the customer service system whenever somebody leaves a negative review. The publication of the feedback is postponed for five days, giving you time to make the client happy again.

«The Support Trigger flag bad reviews and give customer service the opportunity to take action, which help us make ALL customers happy » says CMO and Co-owner at Horseonline .

The customers’ feedback also helps Horseonline evaluate their product range. «The trigger flags products that consistently get a different review than we expected. And that gives us data for evaluating whether we should keep it or not. In some cases, we even pass the feedback on to the manufacturer. »

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Elektroimportøren with Lipscore Real Reviews

Questions and Answers

Let your customers ask questions on the product page and publish answers with the product. Enrich the product information while avoiding that customer service has to answer the same questions several times.

«We often get the same questions in different channels. So, to improve our customer service and answer their product questions faster, we started using the FAQ module in Lipscore. It enables our customers to ask questions on the different product pages. Then other customers can see what we already have answered», says Erik Hegerlund, eCommerce Manager at Elektroimportøren.

To secure a quick response time, they integrated the module with their customer service solution from the company ITX.

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Invite customers who completed a purchase within three months to give feedback. Get a high volume of ratings and reviews in less than 48 hours! In addition, we’ll help you import ratings and reviews from previous solutions. Kickstart is offered to all new Lipscore customers.

«It is so fun to collect all the reviews. I love it! », Cathrine Bardellotto, E-commerce manager at Christiania Glasmagasin says.

På In less than 24 hours after the Kickstart campaign was sent out Christiania Glasmagasin received 3038 ratings and 443 reviews from their verified customers and could go live with Lipscore ratings and reviews straight away!

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Invitations are designed to fit your profile while following best practices to get the highest response rate possible. Send invitations by email or a text message.

Stealth Mode

Get to know Lipscore without anybody noticing. Activate Stealth Modus to hide all traces of Lipscore from your online store while the solution still is running and gathering ratings and reviews.

Unique insight

Ratings and reviews generate large amounts of valuable data. Ratings and reviews create a lot of valuable data. We customize your dashboard and reports to give you the customer and product insight your business needs to improve the customer experience and increase revenue.

«With our new solution from Lipscore, we get way more product reviews » says Erik Hegerlund, eCommerce Manager at Elektroimportøren.

Elektroimportøren AS also uses Lipscore to:
⭐️Measure the quality of each product.
⭐️Produce high-quality content in the online store.
⭐️Improve the product range.
⭐️Negotiate with suppliers.
⭐️Track the overall customer satisfaction in their online store.
⭐️Measure customers’ shopping experience in physical stores.
⭐️Improve and streamline customer service.
⭐️To answer product questions faster.

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Smart Integrations

Nilson Group is now LIVE with Lipscore ratings & reviews on, and And they’ve added a pretty cool functionality, where you can filter your search based on rating! So that their customers easily can find the best liked pair of shoes.

«We are happy to be live with new ecom sites. We hope that customer experience will increase with Findify that personalize content and improves product search for our customers. We are also happy that customers can filter out the highest rated products through the integration between Lipscore and Findify», says Martin Karlsson, CIO at Nilson Group.

This functionality is available to all Findify-customers with a few clicks.

Let’s help your business get 2-4 times more ratings and 100% real reviews!

No other solution on the market gives you more ratings and reviews than Lipscore, or can guarantee that all reviews are 100% real, written by real customers, in their own words, unedited and verified by their identity.

Why choose Lipscore?

  • The market’s best response rate
  • 100% Real, Verified and Legal Reviews
  • Get insight that help increase sales and revenue
  • Spot and deal with unhappy customers
  • Advanced functionality

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