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Ratings and reviews are most commonly used for online stores. Now, more brands are using the opportunities to gather feedback on their products and in-store experience. With Lipscore, you can track what your customers think about your products, in each brand and category. Take advantage of all the opportunities to gather feedback and track customer satisfaction. For example, customer clubs can help you gather feedback on products bought both in-store and online. Use the insight to better develop your product range, negotiate with suppliers, or benchmark the best sellers and stores.

Lipscore gathers all types of ratings and reviews, and we help tailor a solution that fits perfectly for your business. We recommend starting with Product Reviews and adding Service Reviews and Store Reviews for more data.

How to get more ratings & reviews?

We show you how Lipscore gives you more ratings and reviews, increased revenue, important customer insight, product knowledge and purchase power.

You get to know:

  • The secret behind our high response rate: 22.83%
  • Why you need a critical mass of ratings & reviews
  • How to use the data to increase profitability
  • How to combine different types of reviews
  • Lipscore functionality
  • Learn from the best among our clients!

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Lipscore has the best response rate on the market for ratings and reviews for online shops. Companies using Lipscore gets on average feedback from a whopping 22,83% of their customers. The general average is just 4-11%. This means you can increase the number of your reviews you get much quicker than with any other solution. Of course, the response rate varies between different types of brands. Still, we guarantee that you will get a rate that’s above average by using our method. Get expert advice and a dashboard that makes it easy to use the data to create a better customer experience, and increase your revenue at the same time.

Let’s help your business get more ratings and reviews!

Lipscore is the most effective platform for gathering and using ratings and reviews. We help companies become more profitable and access important customer insight, product insight, and purchasing power.

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