Take a deeper dive into category-specific feedback with Product Attributes

As you know, product rating score and list of reviews are a must-have in every modern webshop. What you may not know is that detailed category-specific feedback, is level up. Learn about our Product Attributes function which can help you stand out from the every webshop group.

Let’s say you are selling notebooks. What are the most important features of a notebook that your shoppers should be assured about? More importantly, assured by other shoppers who are already using the notebook, have a hands-on experience and usage-based opinion about it.

As per today, you can ask the shoppers for their overall score of the notebook and a written comment, but with Product Attributes you can ask for… whatever matters for a specific product group. If we stick to the notebook for the sake of this example, you can ask the shoppers about:

  • battery life
  • screen quality
  • camera quality
  • sound quality
  • design
  • comfort of use
  • value for money
  • … you name it!

Apart from using this detailed feedback for product or portfolio development, you can display these details on the product pages, in a summary at the top of your reviews list.

Skill deg ut fra konkurrentene med Product Attributes

Main benefits of Product attributes

  • More detailed product information give shoppers more confidence in the decision-making process
  • Better thought-through purchases result in happier customers and savings on returns
  • Even better understanding of your customers product experience and preferences
  • Even more solid basis for data-driven product and portfolio development

Would you like to know more about Product Attributes?

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