Rapid growth online — Skeidar will use more customer data to continue improving the shopping experience

Skeidar is growing rapidly online. At the same time, the furniture chain is investing in connecting online and physical stores.

Skeidar uses Lipscore to gather product reviews from customers shopping online. Their plan is to gather product reviews from customers in their physical store. So far this year, they’ve doubled the sales in their online store, compared to the same period last year!

skeidar's online store with product reviews from Lipscore
Collaboration is crucial to succeed

Skeidar has doubled the sales in their online store, compared to the same period last year. Warehouse sales are also showing a positive trend.

Marketing director Lars Thomte believes that many brands forget to build a strong organization when digitalizing their concepts.

«The secret behind our success is that we’ve become good at working together. Technology is not enough to succeed with an omnichannel concept such as Skeidar. You also need a strong organization, with talented and cooperative people at all stages», says Lars Thomte, marketing director at Skeidar.

He highlights a fantastic sale during Black Week.
«In November, we tripled our turnover online compared to the same period last year, thanks to a highly successful Black Week campaign.»

Clear channel synergies

Thomte wants to praise his colleagues, and he believes they have created the future Skeidar concept together.

«When employees in 49 warehouses work together with our online store, customer service, marketing, logistics, IT and category, and pull in the same direction, you can create outstanding customer experiences. We’re seeing the result of our shared effort now.»

So far this year, Skeidar has doubled its online sales on furniture and interior compared to the same period last year. They don’t want to say too much about their sales figures. But confirmed that online sales have become a significant part of their total turnover, even though the online store has been operating for less than two years.

«But it also goes the opposite way — many customers order online after visiting a warehouse and get the products delivered home or perhaps to a store. Every customer journey is unique, but we see that both online and physical stores are central,» says Thomte, adding that all revenue from their online store is returned to the department stores to strengthen the community spirit.

Big focus on gathering data

Skeidar will soon launch their own customer club, together with the Norwegian agency Oculos and the Swedish tech company Voyado, to further strengthen their omnichannel concept.

They have also entered an agreement with Lipscore that will help them gather customer data.

«We want to be data-driven, and that’s why we believe it is important to know what the customers think about us and our products. Currently, we’re gathering product reviews from customers that shop online. Soon we’ll start gathering reviews from customers that shop in our physical stores. Then we really get a lot of exciting data.» «Reviews will be published on our website, but the data will also be important for those who work with category development and purchasing. They will get full control over what customers think about our products», says Thomte.

«In addition, we’ll measure the total customer satisfaction, both online and for each physical store. Skeidar wants to create good customer experiences, and then we’ll need to be data-driven in all stages.»

Skeidar’s online store is developed by eCommerce agency Geta and is built on Optimizely (Episerver) and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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