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Uploading Lipscore XML feed to Google Merchant Center

In your Lipscore account: Settings > General > System settings > Google Shopping XML feed

Displaying customer ratings and reviews in Google Shopping ads has a lot of benefits. They give your adds more visibility and trust, thus increasing CTR by up to 10% (based on Google statistics) and decrease the CPC, among others.

Although there is no guarantee that Google will display ratings and reviews in the ads, working towards it is definitely worth a shot.

How to upload Lipscore XML file to Google Merchant Center

Follow these steps to upload the Lipscore XML feed to your Google Merchant Center.

  1. Log in to your Lipscore account and go to Settings > General > System settings > Google Shopping XML feed.
  2. If you haven’t done so already, fill in this Product Ratings Interest Form to enable product review feeds inside your Google Merchant Center account
  3. After the form has been processed and approved (it should normally take less than 15 minutes) you should complete the following steps:
GMC step 1
GMC step2
GMC step3
GMC step4
GMC step5
GMC step6

If still in doubt, consult Google instructions or contact your Google Merchant Center consultant.

If you uploaded the feed but still cannot see the ratings and reviews in your Google Shopping ads, learn more about common issues and qusetions our customers have regarding Ratings and Reviews in Google Shopping ads.

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