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This is why you chose Lipscore

We believe that the incoming customer feedback is the best proof of the value that Lipscore brings to your business table. However, it never hurts to have all the arguments in one place in case you want to explain to a new colleague or supervisor why you chose Lipscore as your customer ratings and reviews provider (which we always appreciate and are excited about!πŸ‘).

1. The most effective ratings and reviews software on the market πŸ₯‡


Response rate means how much feedback you are getting from each review invitation. Although many customer reviews softwares are similar when it comes to the offered features, the main difference lays in their effectivity, namely, how much feedback you are actually acquiring via the software. We take pride in the highest response rate on the market, providing your business with 2-4 times more customer feedback on average than our competitors. Here are the main reasons why the volume matters.

Best price per review πŸ’²

It seems obvious that when getting two offers at similar price level, you would choose the one that provides more value for money. This is the case with Lipscore – even if the price and included features are similar, you are always getting more value from our tool due to the highest response rates. This translates to lower cost per rating and lower cost per review, as compared to other tools.

Shorter path to conversion rates increase πŸ“ˆ

Critical mass of reviews is number of reviews that impacts the purchasing decisions of your shoppers. 10 is perceived as the number of reviews that significantly increases the conversion rates. Thanks to high volumes of feedback, you will collect the so called critical mass of reviews sooner when using Lipscore than other tools. Various studies show that products with critical mass of reviews observe 18% increase in conversion on average.

Data-driven product development decisions πŸ‘¨β€πŸ«

The more customer feedback you have access too, the more accurate business decisions you can make based on reliable data. Improvements in your inventory, further development of your products, and cooperation with high-quality suppliers of the goods you are selling can greatly impact your brand perception, increase customer loyalty, and in fact, contribute to improving market standards when it comes to quality of goods and services. Based on customer feedback you will also know what is missing in your product descriptions, what to focus on in marketing content.

2. RealReviewsβ„’ πŸ™Œ


We believe that honest feedback contributes to better customer experience, better products, services companies, and market standards, regardless of whether the user reviews are positive or negative.


  • We do not support leaving guest or anonymous reviews. Leaving a review is possible by-invitation only. Reviews imported from previous providers are not marked with Verified buyer badge.
  • Reviews collected via our software come from verified buyers. This means that we can guarantee that the reviewer has actually bought the product or service they are giving feedback on.
  • Because we want to be completely transparent, we have written a detailed account of how our system works and how we work with our customers to ensure 100% genuine user reviews.

3. Devoted Customer Support, Onboarding and Success Team πŸ¦Έβ€β™€οΈπŸ¦Έβ€β™‚οΈ


All customers signed up for Premium and Premium Plus packages are immediately assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager. Your CSM takes you step-by-step through the onboarding phase, prepares and coordinates the integration process, and once Lipscore is live on your website, takes care of your results, making sure you are getting as much value from Lipscore as humanly and technically possible.

Customer Success program includes:

  • Personal onboarding
  • Preparations and coordination of the integration process
  • Testing of integration
  • Quarterly background account health checks
  • Annual account health check meetings
  • Ongoing customer support with max. 48 hours response time

Customers who signed up for the Standard package are more than welcome to reach out and get a CSM assigned for only 1.000 nok per month. Regardless of the package, our customers get all the necessary support in the onboarding and integration phase.

4. Intuitive and comprehensive reviews management and follow-up module 🀝


Collecting ratings and reviews is the 1st step of improving your customer experience, but acting upon shoppers’ feedback is the next level of customer satisfaction and business reputation management. We offer a straightforward but comprehensive module that allows:

  • Writing public replies on reviews
  • Unpublishing inappropriate (vulgar, offensive, spam) reviews and writing private messages to their authors
  • Immediate negative feedback notifications and possibility to follow-up a few days before the feedback is published
  • Converting product review to service review or question if its content is irrelevant to product

and more.

Interacting with reviews creates priceless bonds with your customers, acting upon their feedback makes them feel seen and heard and turns buyers into your geniune ambassadors. Your honest willingness to make amends for your customers’ bad experiences results in increased customer loyalty and repeat purchases, great word-of-mouth recommendations and more trust- and respect-based business.

5. World-class tech πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»


Exceptional simplicity in the reviewing process

The main reason for our market-leading response rates is exceptionally seamless user experience in the reviewing process. No logins, no complex questionnaires, no redundant steps. Whenever the shopper receives our invitation email, you are literally 1 click away from receiving a rating and a few seconds from receiving a review.

Ease of integration

Lipscore works on all e-commerce platforms. We have native apps for a large and constantly growing number of e-commerce platforms, and oftentimes can offer that our developers takes care of the integration, making it quick and easy (read more about Lipscore integrations).

Zero impact on website loading time

Our widgets load in no time and have no impact on your website load speed. Should you like to learn more details, here is a 3-minutes long technical explanation by our CTO.

Core benefits of using Lipscore ratings and reviews software ✨


  1. High volumes of product and service feedback
  2. Increased conversion rates due to customer trust, confidence in purchase decisions, and loyalty
  3. Improved SEO results, CTR (click-through rates), web traffic
  4. Strengthened customer relationships, returning customers and genuine brand ambassadors
  5. Savings on returns

Core products, features and advanced functionalities 🎁


Core products
  • Product ratings & reviews
  • Product attributes (e.g. true-to-size)
  • Service ratings & reviews (e.g. overall shopping experience)
  • Product Q&A
  • Automatic review invitations
  • Kickstart campaign (sending invitations to past customers)
  • Immediate unhappy customer notification
  • Reviews management module
  • Customizable invitations and widgets
  • Automatic Google markup
  • Access to Google Shopping XML feed
  • Reviews management module
  • Possible past reviews import
Advanced functionalities
  • Syndication of reviews across webshops
  • Reviews Merging across product variants
  • Translation module

What’s not to love? πŸ₯°

Contact us at or your Customer Success Manager directly if there is anything we can help you with!

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