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Getting more feedback – use both invitations

In the default flow of our invitations, in the 1st invitation we ask for delivery confirmation and clicking the confirmation button opens the landing page with rating and review request. Some customers find this step redundant and turn the 1st invitation off, leaving only the 2nd invitation active. It is understandable in some use cases, but sending 2 invitations always increases the chances for getting feedback and results in higher response rates.

Instead of deactivating the 1st invitation, change its text so that it asks for feedback instead of delivery confirmation. 

How to activate and edit the 1st invitation

To activate and edit the 1st invitation, in your Lipscore account go to: Settings > Invitation setup > Email settings > Product reviews invitation template > and choose Product review invitation 1 first, then send Product review invitation 2.

Then, open the invitation preview, click the Edit button, edit the texts accordingly and Exit edit mode.

How to rephrase the 1st invitation?

Here is a simple copy-paste suggestion on how you can change the texts in the default 1st invitation:

  • Subject line

DefaultPlease confirm delivery

SuggestedWhat do you think about the product(s) you purchased?  

  • Heading

Default: Please confirm delivery

SuggestedHow do you like your new product(s)?

  • Body text

DefaultTo complete the delivery process of the item(s) you purchased from us on May 02, 2022, please confirm that all items have in fact been delivered:

SuggestedWe hope you’ve had a chance to try out our amazing products. Click the button below and share your thoughs with us and other customers who are considering to buy the same!

  • CTA on the button

DefaultYes, all items have been received

SuggestedI want to give feedback!

  • Link under the button

DefaultNo, some items are missing

SuggestedI have not received my products yet or something is missing.

More examples of how you can phrase the 1st invitation so that its focus is on getting customer feedback.

Examples of edited 1st invitation - 3
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