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Troubleshooting: Ratings and Reviews in Google Shopping

You expected Lipscore ratings and reviews to display in your Google Shopping ads, and yet they are not there? Take a look at the most common reasons for ratings and reviews not showing in the Google Shopping ads and verify if you completed all the required steps.

How to display Lipscore ratings and reviews in Google Shopping ads


We know that it is important for you to show your customer ratings and reviews in Google Shopping ads. This is why we created an XML feed you can upload to your Google Merchant Center. Please refer to the article about Uploading Lipscore XML feed to Google Merchant Center for step-by-step instructions.

Common reasons why ratings and reviews do not show in the Google Shopping ads


1. The file has not been uploaded to the Google Merchant Center

If you have not uploaded the file to your GMC account yet, please follow the steps described in Uploading Lipscore XML feed to Google Merchant Center.

2. There are no GTIN numbers in data sent to Lipscore

The data that is sent to Lipscore needs to contain GTIN numbers. Google requires these numbers to approve the Lipscore XML feed and if the GTIN column is empty, the feed will fail. If you do not have GTIN numbers, you can try to use the EAN numbers instead, however, they still need to be placed in the GTIN field in the data that are transferred to Lipscore.

3. You have less than 50 reviews

Google requires that the XML feed contains at least 50 reviews (in total for all products) for the feed to be approved. If your XML feed contains less than 50 reviews, you will need to wait until more products are viewed, so that it is updated with ratings and reviews information (read more about it in the next point), or/and until you have collected more reviews.

4. Google XML Feed only contains reviews for products that have been visited in the last 2 months

Google validates all URLs in the XML feed and checks if the product actually exist and is available in the webshop. If the URLs do not exist, the feed will not be approved, and no ratings or reviews will appear in Google Shopping.

Each time a product page is visited by your shopper, information about all ratings and reviews for this product will be sent to the XML feed (the file is updated every day at c. 5 am). Please note, that the prerequisite here is that the Rating widget is installed on the page. Without it, Lipscore will not receive the page-view data and the feed will not be updated.

By removing products that have not been viewed in the last 2 months from the feed, we reduce the chance of including products that are no longer for sale, that might cause the file to fail. 

5. Google works in mysterious ways…

We know that as a marketer you are probably allergic to this phrase – but you also know it is true. We can prepare the most robust XML feed for you and you can correctly upload it to the Google Merchant Center and have it approved, and yet Google may still refuse to display the ratings and reviews in Google Shopping ads for the reasons only their algorithms will know. As they state themselves in the Product Rating Basics:

Google about RR in GS

Lipscore reviews in Google Shopping – examples

Despite Google’s mysteries, we have had a lot of success displaying the shoppers’ feedback in our customers’ Google Shopping ads, and here are a few examples. Please note, that star ratings represent the aggregated rating for the product, compiled from multiple sources including merchants, review aggregators, review sites, and Google users. Examples of reviews coming from Lipscore are marked green.

Google Shopping Devold1
Google shopping Devold2

Google Shopping Apotek1 stars on category pages
Google shopping Apotek1.1
Google shopping Apotek1.2

Google shopping Mimmis1
Google shopping Mimmis2

Google Shopping Dåvøy1
Google shopping Dåvøy2

Make sure to complete all the steps of Uploading Lipscore XML feed to Google Merchant Center instructions and contact your Google Merchant Center consultant if the ratings and reviews are not displayed, despite the feed approval.

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