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Testing the integration

If the developer responsible for integrating Lipscore with your ecommerce system confirmed that the integration is completed, here are the steps to make sure the integration was successful.

1. Make a test purchase and set order status to one that triggers scheduling of invitations in the Lipscore account

The status can be anything from order placed, paid, processed, completed, sent, etc. In most Lipscore integrations we recommend choosing the status that is the closes to customer receiving the products, and most integrations use the Sent status to trigger the transfer of data between our systems. If you do not know which status was used in your integration, consult the developer and set your test purchase to this status.

2. Check if the invitation was scheduled in the Lipscore account (Invitations > Scheduled).

If not: either the status trigger was incorrect, or data is sent periodically (eg. every night at 2 am) or the integration is not working.

If yes:

  • Click ‘Send now’
  • Check your inbox and go through the reviewing process.
  • If Lipscore review popup opens on your website and it is possible to leave a rating and review, the initializer script works correctly.
  • Leave a rating and review in the review popup.
  • Check if your test review is visible in the Lipscore account (Reviews > Published (or Need attention if you are using the Manual approval method. Publish the review.))
  • Check if your test review is displayed in the widget on the product page or home page (depending on whether you left a product or service review).

If you have any questions or doubts in the process, feel free to contact your Customer Success Manager or reach out to for more advanced technical support.

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