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Reviews management

In your Lipscore account: Menu > Reviews

Depending on which Reviews approval method you chose, you will find the incoming reviews in various areas of the Reviews section and the management process will differ a bit as well. Quick reminder:

Automatic publishing: All your reviews will automatically be posted, so you will find them in the Reviews > Published section.

Support trigger: all the positive reviews will automatically be posted, so you will find them in the Reviews > Published section. Negative reviews ‘trapped’ by Support trigger for 5 working days, will be found in Reviews > Not published > Pending > Support trigger tab, while negative ratings will be found in Ratings > Pending

Manual approval: all reviews will be found in the Reviews > Not published > Need attention and awaiting your manual approval.

Management of published reviews


Write a public reply

Your reply to a review will be displayed right under the review on a product page or in the service reviews list.

Why write public replies?

  • Replying in public is a great way to show your appreciation for the received feedback, as well as respond to negative experiences your customers had, offer an apology or instructions.
  • Doing it shows other visitors of your website that as your customers they can count on you if something goes sideways in their shopping experience.
  • Interacting with your customers’ post-purchase creates engagement, loyalty, and brand credibility.
Public reply on service reviews modal

Convert to service review

(Available if Service reviews functionality is activated in your account).

If customer leaves feedback about your service even though the invitation asked for a product review, with one click you can convert it to Service review.

Why convert to service review?

  • Reviews about your service will not impact your product score.
  • The irrelevant rating and review will disappear from your product page and be moved to the service reviews widget, thus keeping the consistency of feedback.
Convert to service review

Convert to question

(Available if Q&A functionality is activated in your account).

It may happen that your customer will use the review as an opportunity to ask a question. Converting it to question will remove it from the reviews list. Instead, you will find it in your Lipscore account in the Questions section where you can reply to it and decide if the question and your answer should be published in the Q&A list on the product page.

Convert to Question

Unpublish / moderate

This button can be used to remove inappropriate reviews from your website and moderate them. Please note that there is no equal sign between negative and inappropriate. Reviews we categorize as inappropriate are:

  • Fake / spam reviews (e.g. containing random characters) or presenting irrelevant information
  • Containing vulgar language
  • Containing offensive of false content

The review can be negative but formulated in a polite and fact-based way and such reviews should be appreciated and followed up on – not hidden. On the other hand, a very positive review which uses vulgar language can be hidden, if your content policy doesn’t allow vulgarity on your website.

Unpublish moderate button

Create support case

If there is something in the customer’s review that you would like to follow up on via email – provide additional information, or address their doubt – use the Create support case button. Once you do, a support case will be sent to the support email address you specified in Notifications. The support case contains details of the customer and their review. By replying direcly to the support case email, you will start an email conversation with your customer.

The review will be moved to Not published > Pending > Support case tab.

Create support case button

Mark review as testimonial

By default, all 5-star reviews are marked as testimonials by our system. Testimonial is a review that will automatically be displayed in the Lipscore testimonial widgets: Product reviews testimonial widget, Service reviews testimonial banner and Service reviews testimonial widget. If you want other reviews to be visible in the testimonial widgets as well, feel free to check the boxes manually.

Mark review as testimonial

Management of not-published reviews


Need attention

Here is where you will find the reviews if:

  • You are using Manual approval method – all your reviews will be stored in this section, before you approve them to the website.
  • A review contains media content – we do not publish reviews with pictures or videos automatically, they require your manual approval.
  • You use the Unpublish / moderate button in the Published section. You may want to Write a private message to author, explaining what needs to be changed in the review for it to be republished to the website. The user will get an email with your explanation and a button which opens the review popup allowing the author to write a new, rephrased review. After you write a private message to the author, the review will be moved to Not published > Pending > Author messaged section.

If the review is clearly spam or fake, you can just remove it by clicking the Delete button.


Support trigger tab

This is where you will find all the reviews ‘trapped’ by Support trigger for 5 working days. Treat this section as an overview – since you have received a support trigger email notification, the follow up process happens via emails and there is no need to take action on the reviews in Support trigger tab.

You can still use the functionalities available in the section – however, we recommend that you wait for the outcome of the follow up process first.

Support case tab

This is where you will find all the reviews for which you manually created a Support case. After the follow up process with the customer, we recommend that you go back to this section, add public replies, and republish relevant reviews to your website.

Author messaged tab

This is where you will find all the reviews whose authors you contacted via Private message to the author function. Since these reviews are usually inappropriate and you did contact the author with an explanation, there is no need for more action on these reviews.


This is where you will find all the deleted reviews.

You have now mastered reviews management – the next step is to learn how to manage the incoming questions.

If Questions and Answers feature is activated in your account, learn how to manage the incoming questions.

Q&A management

If not, proceed to learn more about how the Lipscore widgets can be customized.

Customization of widgets

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