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Ratings and Reviews in Google organic results

Showing stars next to your products in Google organic search is gold. According to study conducted by CXL institute*, stars in Google search can increase the CTR (click-through rate) by up to 35%.

How to get the rating and review snippet show up in Google organic results?

Getting stars to show in the organic results is tricky if you have to do it on your own. The good news is: Lipscore automatically adds markup including all ratings and reviews to all product pages – in other words, there is nothing you need to do, Lipscore does it for you.

At the same time, this statement has to be followed by a disclaimer: it is Google who decides whether the stars and reviews will be displayed next to your organic results. As stated in their own instructions for developers, Google “may” display the snippet.

Google about review snippets

As we all know, Google works in mysterious ways and there is nothing we can guarantee except that ratings and reviews collected by Lipscore and displayed on your product pages are perfectly readable and indexable for Google

Nevertheless, we have had a lot of success with displaying the snippets for our customers’ products in Google organic results and here are some examples.

Examples of ratings snippets displayed in Google organic search for Lipscore customers

Stars in organic search results - the Body Shop

Stars in organic search results - Telia


Stars in organic search results - Elektroimportøren

Stars in organic search results - Golfshopen

Stars in organic search results - Design handel

Stars are not showing yet?

In order to display ratings and reviews in Google organic search, Google needs to crawl and index your website again – and it may take some time. If you are very eager to start showing the stars as soon as possible, you may consider resubmitting your pages using Search Console to make sure Google has the latest content and schema.

Once the indexing is completed, clear any local cache in your browser, search for the product that does have ratings and reviews on it and check again if the snippet is there.

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