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Q&A management

In your Lipscore account: Menu > Questions

How to manage the incoming questions

Compared to reviews management, Q&A management is pretty straightforward.

  1. When a customer writes a question on your product page, you receive an email notification to the email address you set up in Settings > General > Notifications > Email address for new questions.
  2. When notified, log in to your Lipscore account, go to Questions, read the new question and decide if you want to publish it together with your reply on the website. If yes, leave the Publish this question box checked. If not, uncheck the box.
  3. Reply to the question and click Save.

All questions with answers will be moved to the Answered questions tab.

Question and answer

Which questions to publish?

The rule is simple – if it brings value to the future page visitors – publish. If it’s very customer specific and won’t be relevant for others – don’t. 


Why is it important to answer questions?

Your customer is in the decision-making process at the very moment when they post a question. This is your chance to provide them with immediate answers to their questions or concerns, there and then, strenghtening their confidence in the purchases and positively impacting their overall customer experience.

Now that you know how to manage both the incoming reviews and questions, it’s time to think how they should be displayed on your website.

Proceed to learn how Lipscore widgets can be customized.

Customization of widgets

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