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Public reply to reviews

In your Lipscore account: Menu > Reviews

Public reply to a review is a way of public communication with the customer who left a review, as well as those browsing your website, eager to read reviews and see how your company responds to various experiences your shoppers have, both positive and negative. Your public reply to a review will be displayed right under the review on a product page or in the service reviews list.

Why write public replies?

  • Replying in public is a great way to show your appreciation for the received feedback, as well as respond to negative experiences your customers had.
  • Doing it shows other visitors of your website that as your customers they can count on you if something goes sideways in their shopping experience.
  • Interacting with your customers’ post-purchase creates engagement, loyalty, and brand credibility.

How to reply to a review?

It is very simple: Go to Reviews list, find the review you want to reply to and write your answer in the text box. Remember to Save your reply.

Public reply to a review

Once you do, your shopper will receive an email notification about your reply. The click on the button will take them to your home page and display your customer’s review with your reply in a little popup.

Notification for the shopper about a public reply

Which reviews should you respond to and why?

Whilst browsing your store, if a potential customer sees that you actively engage with past buyers, they’ll be that much more trusting that their order will go smoothly and that they can rely on you before, during and after the purchase. 

If the time capacity allows it, you may attemtp to reply to all reviews. If not, we recommend that you focus on these three:

1. Negative reviews 

Usually behind a negative review there is an unhappy customer sharing their bad experience with you, hoping to be heard and taken care of. It is highly recommended that you reply all negative reviews. Public reply can serve for:

  • Apologies – acknowledge your customer’s problem and express your concern.
  • Instructions – guide the customer in what they can do in their situation (eg. where to find information about the return policy, how to reach your customer support, etc.)
  • Explanation – if the follow up process has not resulted in feedback update, you may explain what steps have been taken by your webshop to make amends. This is more for the future customers to be assured that negative experiences are well taken care of.

2. Positive reviews that took effort  

Show appreciation of the time and engagement your customer devoted to share their feedback which is valuable both for you and future customers: provides valuable insights into product’s performance in given circumstances, comments both on its positive aspects and suggests what could be improved.

3. Reviews that contain a question 

Answering reviews that contain questions is a great occasion to showcase the high quality of your post-purchase services, as well as presents an upselling opportunity – many post-purchase questions refer to potential add-ons to the purchased product or features of another product they’re considering to purchase. 

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