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Displaying reviews across product variants

It’s very common for products to have variants. Variants can be a different colors of the same t-shirt or a various volume bottles of the same shampoo or a packages of 3, 6 or 12 golf balls. The goal of having them merged is to display all ratings and reviews a product received under all product variants.

Depending on your data structure, merging can happen automatically or needs to be done manually.

It happens automatically if Lipscore receives the parent product ID via integration and product variants are attached to this parent product in your database.

If this is not the case, you will need to merge your products manually. 

Not merged products on category page

Important to know before you start merging products

1. Once merged the products cannot be unmerged. Make sure that only the products that should be merged are there in the Merging products field before you hit the Merge products button.
2. The Products list will be empty before you go live and will fill up gradually. The reason for it is that information about products are sent to the Lipscore system when a product page with Rating widget implemented is viewed by a user. It is recommended to wait a couple months before getting down to product merging.
3. If past product reviews were imported or Kickstart campaing was scheduled in your Lipscore account, products from the imported lists will be displayed on the Products list even before going live.

How to merge your product variants

  1. Go to Products > Merging
  2. In the top search box type the part of the name shared by all products to be merged.
  3. Click each product on the list that should be merged with others so that it displays in the merging box to the right.
  4. Give them all a common name
  5. Click Merge products.

Read more about how information about reviewed variant can be displayed on the reviews list.

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