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Setting up Product attributes

Product attributes are level-up in collecting feedback from your customers. Let’s take an iPhone as an example. What are the most important aspects of a new iPhone your customers should be assured about? Apart from overall star rating and a text review, ask your customers about, for instance:

  • battery life
  • screen quality
  • front and back camera quality
  • design
  • value for money

You name it! Then, display all these details in a summary at the top of your reviews list. Here is how to set up Product attributes.

How to activate Product attributes?

If Product attributes feature is activated in your account, you will find them under Products section in the left-hand menu.

If not, reach out to or directly to your Customer Success Manager with a request for more details and quote. Once agreed and updated agreement is signed, Product attributes will immediately be activated in your account.

How to set up Product attributes?

Once activated, Product attributes section will be filled up with categories that are sent to Lipscore via the current integration. At the top od the list you will always find All categories category. Attributes for All categories will apply to all products regardless of category. If you set up attributes on specific categories they will override the ones set up for All categories.

Note: It may happen that not all the catgories will immediately be visible on the list. Whenever a product is purchased, data about its category is sent to Lipscore and the category is added to the categories list. It may therefore take a while before the list is completed.

Product attributes - categories listy in LS account

Step 1. Create attribtues

To add attributes to your product categories, you need to create them first. Two attributes are available by default. True-to-size and Quality. To create more, click New attribute button and fill out the data fields. Here is a short explanation of each of them:

Scale: The number of options your shopper can chose from when rating an attribute. There are 2 variants: one with 3 options and the other with 5. Choose the preferred scale from dropdown list

Value: Depending on which scale you choose, you will have 3 or 5 fields to fill out here. E.g. Terrible, Poor, OK, Great, Outstanding.

Fill out the data and Save. 

Adding new attributes

Note: If you are managing more than one language website in the same Lipscore account, make sure to add translations to your attributes. Click Translations then Add new translation and insert translated data. You will see already available translations after clicking the Translations button.

Translated attributes

Step 2. Assign attributes to categories

To assign attributes to a product category, scroll to Assign Attributes to Categories section and choose category you want to add attributes to. Then select the attribute(s) from the dropdown lists. You can add maximum of 3 attribtues to each category but you can go for 1 or 2. The number of attributes depends on how many details are relevant and essential for your product developent.

Once added, attributes are automatically saved – you do not have to confirm your choices.

Assigning product attributes to categories

The attributes will automatically be added to the review popup.

Product attributes - questions on the review popup

The collective result will be displayed in review summary widget at the top of reviews list. Individual scores will be displayed in text form on each individual review.

Product attributes - results displayed on reviews summary and individual review

Main benefits of Product attributes

  • Category-specific details on product groups
  • More detailed insight into customer product experience
  • Better thought-through purchases and happier customers
  • Savings on fewer returns
  • Even more solid basis for data-driven product development and improvement
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