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Preparing invitations for Kickstart campaign

In your Lipscore account: Menu > Settings > Invitation setup > Email settings

Kickstart campaign means sending invitations to the customers who completed a purchase in your webshop within a given number of months (usually 3 months) prior to the Lipscore integration. The goal of doing so is to get an amazing boost of ratings and reviews from day one and quickly populate the ratings and reviews widgets with your customers feedback. The invitations you will send to your past customers in this campaign may need to be different than the ones you will be sending to the ongoing customers. Here are some options for how to approach them.

The default invitations flow


By default we send invitations in the following order to ongoing customers.

  1. First product review invitation: We ask for confirmation of delivery. Those customers who click the confirmation button are asked for feedback.
  2. Second product review invitation: If customer leaves no feedback on the 1st request, we send the 2nd invitation asking for feedback directly in the email.
  3. If Service reviews functionality is activated in your account, we send the Service review request to a given percentage of your customers, based on your preferences.

Since in the Kickstart campaign we are reaching out to customer quite far in the past, it may not quite make sense to ask for confirmation of delivery in the 1st invitation. Here is what you can do instead.

Adjusting the invitation to Kickstart campaign


Option 1. Change the text of the 1st Product review invitation

Results show that using both product review invitations provides much better results than using only one. This is why our first recommendation is working on the invitations texts so that instead of asking about delivery, it asks for feedback. To edit the invitations go to Settings > Invitation setup > Email settings > open the previews and click the Edit button. All the underlined texts can be edited.


  • Subject line

Default: Please confirm delivery

Suggested: What do you think about the product(s) you purchased?  

  • Heading

Default: Please confirm delivery

Suggested: How do you like your new product(s)?

  • Body text

Default: To complete the delivery process of the item(s) you purchased from us on May 02, 2022, please confirm that all items have in fact been delivered:

Suggested: We hope you’ve had a chance to try out our amazing products. Click the button below and share your thoughs with us and other customers who are considering to buy the same!

  • CTA on the button

Default: Yes, all items have been received

Suggested: I want to give feedback!

  • Link under the button

Default: No, some items are missing

Suggested: I have not received my products yet or something is missing.


In this way, you keep both invitations and thus increase the chances for getting a rating and review from your shopper, but avoid asking irrelevant questions. Here are some examples of how the 1st invitation can be phrased.

Examples of edited 1st invitation - 3

Option 2. Deactivate the 1st invitation for the Kickstart campaign

If you do not feel like reworking the 1st invitation, you can simply deactivate it. Go to Settings > Invitation setup > Email settings > Product reviews invitation template > and select Product review invitation 2

Note: We recommend that you activate the 1st invitation again after the Kickstart campaing is sent out, to increase the chances of getting your customers’ feedback.

Choosing the template for product review invitations

Learn more about the best practices of Branding and Customizing your invitations.

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