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In your Lipscore account: General > Notifications

Support email address

This email address is the address that will be receiving email notifications for:

  • Support trigger cases created automatically for negative reviews when setting is on
  • Support cases created manually

Most often it’s the customer support email address that is used in this section.

If emails of individual employees are to be used, they can be separated by comas. However, it is recommended that if there is more than one person managing the incoming support cases, one email address is created for this purpose – so that everyone involved can see which cases have already been handled and which are awaiting replies.

Email notification - support trigger and support case
Email address for general notifications

General notifications are:

  • Reviews with media content – it is possible to add a picture or link to Youtube video to a review. When your shopper leaves a review with media content, it will not be published on your website automatically. Instead, it will be stored in the mentioned Need attention section, awaiting your manual approval.
Email notification - review with media content
  • Flagged reviews – if a shopper reading reviews on your website comes across a review that they find inappropriate, they can flag it by clicking a little flag icon under the review. The review will be removed from your website and stored in Reviews > Not published > Need attention section, awaiting your manual approval or moderation.
Flag icon on a review
Email address for new reviews

As the name suggests, this is the address that will be getting notification about each new incoming review, regardless if it is positive or negative. If you do not want to receive notifications for each incoming review, change the next setting: Send notification for new reviews to NO. Whe you do, the Email address for new reviews field will disappear.

Email notification - new review
Email address for invoices

This email address will be used for all billing-related communication and all invoices will be sent to this address.

Invitations are sent in PDF format.

Email address for new questions

This address will receive notifications about new quesitons. Clicking on the button will take you to your Lipscore account, where you can answer the question and optionally publish it with your reply to the website.

If you do not want to receive notifications for each incoming questions, change the next setting: Send notification for new questions to NO.

Email notification - new question
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