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Negative reviews management for Automatic publishing method

In your Lipscore account: Menu > Reviews > Published

You can bend over backwards for your customers but it is not possible to keep them all happy at all times. Negative reviews are inevitable and… extremely valuable, when properly addressed. Here are our recommendations and tools for negative reviews management.

Depending on which Reviews approval method you chose, you will be notified about the incoming negative reviews in various ways and there are different steps you can take when such review arrives.

In this article, we are focusing on tools for reviews management within Automatic reviews approval method.

How will I be notified about a negative review?

You will be informed about positive and negative reviews in the same way: by an email notification about new review sent to the email address set up as Email address for new reviews in Settings > General > Notifications.

What can I do?

If review does not require a follow up

You read the review and there is not much that can be done about customer’s experience – their disappointment is clearly due to their personal preference, and there is no fault in your product or service?

Write a Public reply.

Thank the customer for their feedback, express your regret for their bad experience and possibly instruct what they can do in the situation (contact customer support, return product, try a different product next time, etc) and hit Save.

Public reply to negative review

Once you do, your customer will get an email notification containing your reply and a button. Clicking on the button will take them to your website where both their review and your reply will be shown in a popup.

Popup with review and reply
If review does require a follow up

This time you cannot deny that something went sideways in your customer’s experience and their complaint is justified. A proper follow up process can still turn the situation around and this unhappy customer can eventually become your ambassador, if you handle their case properly.

Use the Create support case button.

Once you do, a support case notification will be sent to the email address determined as Support email in Notifications section.

Create support case for negative review

The email presents all customer and review details and you can start the conversation with your customer by replying directly to the notification email. In the email refer to their review, find out more details and try to come up with a solution that can possibly make the customer happy again – maybe even happier, when they feel well taken care of and that their feedback was valued and acted upon.

Can shoppers change their feedback?

Absolutely yes. After the successful follow up process:

  1. Ask your customer if they would like to update their feedback
  2. If they agree, go to the first email (Support case notification email) and click the Resend review invitation button
  3. The button will open customer’s profile in your Lipscore account and select the right invitation for you.
  4. Click the blue Resend button at the right-hand side.
  5. Your customer will get an invitation email again where they will have a change to update their previous review.
  6. If they their feedback, you will get an email notification about a new review. It will be awaiting your approval in the Need attention section and once you Publish it, it will overwrite the old one.
Updated review after follow up process
If review has inappropriate content

It may happen that your shopper will express their disappointment in an offensive or vulgar way. It is perfectly justifiable to unpublish such review from your website and ask your customer to edit it so that it goes in line with your content policy.

Use Unpublish / moderate button and write a Private message to the author.

Unpublish moderate in Support trigger tab

A click on the Unpublish / moderate button will temporarily unpublish the review from your website and move it to the Need attention section. There, you can write a Private message to the author.

Private message to the author

Once you do, the review will temporarily be unpublished from your website, and its author will get an email notification with your explanation and a button. A click on the button will open a reviews popup, where they will have a change to reformulate their review so that it is no longer offensive or vulgar.

Note: The goal of writing a Private message to the author is not to change your customer’s mind but to have them reformulate their review so that it complies with your content policy – while it may remain negative.

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