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Lipscore-hosted landing page

In your Lipscore account: Menu > Settings > Invitation setup

Lipscore-hosted landing page is a simple webpage where ratings and reviews can be collected from your shoppers, even when the frontend integration has not been completed on your website.

If you activate it, when your shopper clicks the button or stars in the email invitation, the reviews popup will open on this webpage instead of your homepage. The Lipscore-hosted landing page uses very basic branding based on the branding you set up in your invitations.

Lipscore-hosted landing page

When the review popup is closed, the shopper can click the button to visit your website again.

Lipscore-hosted landing page button

When to use Lipscore-hosted landing page

  • If you do not want the review popup to open on your homepage or product pages;
  • If the URLs on your website often change and redirect, which might disable the reviews popup;
  • If you want to start collecting feedback from your customers before the frontend integration is completed. Ratings and reviews will be stored in the Lipscore account but will not displayed until the frontend integration is completed;
  • If you do not want to display customer feedback on your website and only want to collect it for internal purposes.

How to activate Lipscore-hosted landing page

Make sure proper branding is set up in your invitations (Invitations setup > Email settings) and then:

  1. Set Lipscore-hosted landing page to YES
  2. Adjust the URL
  3. Preview to see if you are happy with the effect
Lipscore-hosted landing page setup
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