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Invitations management

In your Lipscore account: Menu > Invitations

When the backend integration is completed, you will see the invitations scheduled in your Lipscore account as soon as the orders reach the required order status used in the integration (e.g. Processed, Sent, Fulfilled)

Scheduled invitations

Here you can:

  • Filter invitations by purchased products, customer emails, date of when invitation was created in our system (Scheduled) and when it is supposed to be sent (Invitation date),
  • You can select periods manually or by clicking on predefined buttons.
  • Scheduled invitations will be automatically sent when the date is due (Invitation date) but you can decide to cancel them (Cancel) or send earlier (Send now) by clicking on the buttons. This is useful if you want to cancel just a couple invitations, for example these created for orders that were cancelled by your shoppers.

To change a larger number of invitation at once, use Batch update invitations.

Batch update invitations

Specify the time frame or filter invitations by products or customers and click Apply. Then use the Batch update invitations functionality to:

  • Reschedule all selected invitations to a different date (choose the date and click Apply)
  • Cancel all the selected invitations (Cancel these X invitations)
  • Enable the previously cancelled invitations (Enable these X invitations)
  • Immediately send all the selected invitations (Send now)

This functionality is useful if you are experiencing some issues in logistics (e.g. transport, production) and you know that a batch of your orders will be delayed or needs to be cancelled.

The invitations scheduled in your Lipscore account will be automatically sent on the Invitation date. Make sure to brand and customize them before the first invitation is sent.

Proceed to the next step to learn how make your invitations look awesome.

Branding invitations

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