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Recommended invitations flow

In your Lipscore account: Menu > Settings > Invitation setup > Email settings

When you open the previews of email invitations you will see the default, recommended flow of invitations:

1st Product review invitation

Where the customer is asked for confirmation of delivery. The reasoning behind it is filtering out customers who, for whatever reason, have not received their orders and therefore cannot share relevant product feedback. Instead, it is common that the customer, annoyed with the delay, would leave a negative comment about delivery on your product page. This feedback is important, but not relevant on the product pages and harmful to the overall product score. This is why we ask for confirmation of delivery first – and once the customer hits the confirmation button, the landing page will open, asking for their feedback on products.

1st invitation email
Reviews landing page

Note: if you feel that the delivery confirmation does not fit naturally in your customer communication, you can edit the texts of the 1st invitation and ask directly for feedback already in this first touch-point.

2nd Product review invitation

A reminder where the customer is asked for feedback directly in the email. Clicking the star in the email invitation already marks it on the landing page. As a result, the reviewing process is simplified and the threshold for leaving a review is even lower. Please note: The 2nd invitation is sent only if no feedback was left on the first request.

2nd invitation email

Service review invitation

If the feature is activated in your account, we will send the Service review request to a percentage of your customers specified by you in the Invitation setup.

Service reviews percentage

In this invitation the customer is asked directly for feedback on their overall shopping experience. Analogically to the 2nd product review invitation, a click on the stars in the invitation marks them on the landing page and lowers the threshold for leaving a review.

Service reviews invitation

Please note: We never send 3 invitations to one customer. You decide in the Invitation setup how many of your customers should receive a Service review invitation vs how many should be asked for Product feedback.

Knowing the reasoning behind the described invitations content and flow, you are ready to get down to customizing the invitations texts.

Customizing invitations texts


  • If I use both product and service reviews, will it increase the number of invitations I will be sending every month?

No, the number of invitations will stay the same. You will only determine what percentage of your customers should be asked to share their experience with your service, and how many should be asked to share feedback on the purchased products. This can be determined in the Invitation setup, if the service reviews functionality is active in your account

  • What is the difference between product and service reviews and why should I use both?

There are quite a few reasons to use both product and service reviews, let’s name a few:

      • Service reviews are displayed in the widgets implemented on your main page, and often in the website header. The presence of stars and customer testimonials on your homepage immediately evokes trust in the new visitors and boosts your brand credibility.
      • Using both product and service reviews helps you keep consistency of feedback – the reviews displayed on your product pages only speak about product quality, while the ones in the service widgets on your homepage focus on the shopping process, experience with your support team, and delivery.
      • Product score is not impacted by service experiences, and the other way round.


  • What will happen when the customer clicks the “Nope, still waiting or something is missing” link?

The link takes the customer to your homepage and shows them a simple popup that says: “Dear Customer Name, we regret that you haven’t received all products from us yet. If this is unexpected and you think that something is wrong, please contact our support immediately.”

  • Is it possible to send only one product review invitation?

Even though we recommend that you use the flow described above, you are of course welcome to choose otherwise. In the setting called Product reviews invitation template you can choose to send only the 1st, only the 2nd or both invitations. In case you want to send your customers only one product review request, we recommend that you go for the 2nd invitation.

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