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Improving results checklist

Have you been using Lipscore for a few months now and you feel that the results you are getting are not meeting your expectations? There are a few possible reasons for it and in this article we are going to show a few steps you can take to improve your results.

How to get more ratings and reviews


1. Check if the reviewing process is smooth

The smoothness of reviewing process can be a make-or-break of whether you are getting feedback from your shoppers. Knowing that the attention span of today’s internet user is around 8-12 seconds, any distraction can result in discouragament and abandoning the reviewing process.

Here is how to check and possibly fix the reviewing process.

2. Use both product review invitations 

Sending 2 invitations always increases the chances for getting feedback and results in higher response rates. We have observed c. 100% increase in ratings and 80% in reviews. 

Read more about using both invitations and their customization.

3. Brand and customize your invitations 

How you brand and customize the invitations plays an important role in whether your shoppers will or will not feel encouraged to share their opinions with you. Taking into consideration that the 21st century online shopper receives a lot of review requests, making your invitations catchy and personal seems like a must.

Read more about branding and customizing your invitations. 

4. Merge product variants

Merging means sharing ratings and reviews between variants of the same product, eg. color or volume variants, and displaying the collective result under each merged product. The result is that the volume of ratings and reviews under each product is higher and so is the trust level of your shoppers.

Read more about Products merging.

5. Reply to reviews

Various studies have shown that shoppers are influenced not only by the reviews, but also by businesses’ replies, and that replies are actually expected by the majority of shoppers. Go ahead and meet this expectation. If your shoppers see that you are engaging with feedback, they will be more likely to engage with your webshop and leave their rating and review.

Read more about replying to reviews.

How to increase your average rating score 


1. Follow up on negative reviews and positive reviews with negative ratings (misclicks)

A negative review is never final. There is a number of ways you can follow up on your customer and try to turn their experience around, eventually making them happy again. Depending on the reviews approval method that you chose (Automatic publishing, Support trigger or Manual approval) there are different ways of managing the negative ratings and reviews.

Read more about Negative reviews management and Feedback update methods (for misclicks management). 

2. Avoid negative feedback for delayed orders 

Sometimes issues in the shipping process make the annoyed customer leave a negative rating and review on your product page, even though their feedback has nothing to do with the product itself. Here are a few ideas on how to avoid it. 

  • Increase invitation delays 

If negative feedback related to shipping happens more often, or if the reviews say “Haven’t even gotten the product yet…”, you may consider increasing the Invitations delay.  

In your Lipscore account: Settings > Invitation setup > General > Invitation delay (days) and increase the number of days for product and service review requests. 

  • Start using the 1st invitation email  

If you have not done so yet, activate the first product invitation. By default, in the 1st invitation we ask for delivery confirmation and only customers who click the confirmation button are asked for their review in the popup. The purpose of it is filtering out feedback from customers who have not received their products yet, since a negative review about delay will impact the product score, even though the shopper has not seen the product yet.  

Read more about recommended invitations flow.

  • Reschedule or Cancel in batch 

If you know that a series of products or a particular batch of orders will encounter problems in shipping or will not be delivered at all, reschedule the invitations to a later date or cancel them.  

Read more about invitations management.

Make ratings and reviews easily accessible to shoppers 


One of the main purposes of collecting ratings and reviews from your shoppers is to display it on your website, so that your potential customers get more confidence and priceless insights into other shoppers’ experience with your products and services before making a purchase themselves. We recommend that you make sure that: 

1. Rating widget is visible at the top of the product page 

The most optimal placement of the rating widget is at the top of the product page, under the product’s name. This is where shoppers are used to see the rating score and this placement gives the stars immediate visibility both when the page is viewed on laptops and mobile devices.  

2. Scroll works correctly 

Make sure to test if clicking on the Reviews link in the widget scrolls the page down to the reviews list and that the list is automatically open. You do not want your shoppers to have to search for the reviews on your website, they should be accessible with this one click.  

3. Small rating widget is implemented on category pages 

Showing stars on the category pages creates trust one step earlier in the customer’s journey.  

Make sure the Small rating widget is implemented on your category pages and wherever else product galleries are displayed.  


Please bear in mind that the effects of your improvements will not be visible overnight. Check the results again after a couple months and compare with the previous period. Make sure to take into consideration external factors that may impact your results, like holidays or high vs low seasons.  

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