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Hiding widgets from the website

Hiding empty Rating widgets from product pages

Settings > General > Rating settings > Hide ratings if the ratings count is less than

Empty rating widget on a product page

Here you can choose a number of ratings you would like to have collected before you display the Rating widget on your website. If you set this setting to 1, the Rating widget will not be visible on your product pages until there is at least 1 rating in it – so there will be no empty stars on your product pages.

Hide rating widget until there are ratings in it

Stealth mode

In your Lipscore account: Settings > General > System settings > Stealth mode

Stealth mode is a setting which allows you to control which widgets are visible on your website and which are not.

In order to hide some or all widgets from the website, set Stealth mode to Yes, select the widgets you want hidden and confirm with the blue tick.

Stealth mode settings

The selected widgets will no longer be visible to your website visitors, but Lipscore will still be fully operational: invitations will be scheduled and sent, and feedback will be collected from your shoppers and stored in the Lipscore account – but not displayed on the website.

Blocking widgets on specific product or category pages

In your Lipscore account: Settings > General > Blocked products

If for some reason you would like the widgets to be visible only on specific products or product categories, you can block them for the others. Please note – this will not block creation of invitations for purchases containing these products/categories, it will only prevent the feedback from showing on the blocked pages.

In order to do it, use:

Block product URLs 

  • to block the widgets on specific products: Separate URLs with Space, a comma(,) or Enter.
  • to block widgets on all products belonging to a specific category URL: Use * for wildcards, multiple wildcards are allowed.* (blocks any product in the specific category),* (blocks any product in the store),
    * (blocks any protocol and

Blocked product categories

  • Insert category names, separate them with a comma (,) or Enter
    Separate categories with a comma (,) or Enter. Please make sure that you are using the same category names as used in the Lipscore integration. Otherwise the blocking function will not work.

Note: If information about categories is not sent to Lipscore via the integration, this functionality will not work. 

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