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Hiding customer’s last name or anonymizing

Lipscore stands for authentic and credible reviews by verified buyers. Only the reviews left by verified buyers – ones that received an email invitation to share their feedback after making a purchase – get a “Verified buyer badge” on the reviews list. In 99% of the cases we display customer’s full name next to the review. Not only does it increase their credibility but also has a disciplinary effect – even when sharing negative feedback, shoppers tend to formulate their thoughts more politely and concentrate on facts, not emotions.

Hiding customer’s last name and anonymising

The user may choose to leave a review with their name shortened already in the reviews popup.

Publish as possibility

However, some shoppers may not have noticed this possibility and they may contact you aking for some kind of anonymisation of their name. If it happens, go to Customers and look for customers email/name and click on it to enter their profile. There, you can use one of the two available buttons:

  1. Hide last name – which will turn Donna Paulsen into Donna P
  2. GDPR anonymize – which will replace the whole name with the word Anonymous.
Hide last name and GDPR anonymize function

It is possible to hide customer’s name as a default setup (can only be done by Lipscore support), but unless there is a reasonable justification, we strongly recommend that full names are the default choice – for credibility and discipline sake.

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