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Getting started

Before we begin the training let us just say:

Welcome to Lipscore!

We are really excited to have you on board and can’t wait to see your customer experience and relations reaching the next level of excellence with ratings and reviews. 🤗

Before you start setting up your account, make sure to test if the integration was successfully completed.

Then, the next 12 steps will guide you through:

  • Invitations management
  • Branding invitations
  • Recommended invitations flow
  • Invitations text customization
  • Basic invitations setup
  • Reviews approval method
  • Reviews management
  • Q&A management
  • Customization of widgets
  • Other General settings you should know
  • Dashboard
  • Account Setup Check-list

The buttons at the end of each article will guide you to the next step.

We hope you enjoy this journey and will find all these tips useful.


Warm regards,
Lipscore Team


Invitations management

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