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General settings you should know

Hiding Lipscore widgets from your website using Stealth mode

Settings > General > System settings > Stealth mode > YES

Here you can choose which widgets to hide from your website. Once you do, widgets will no longer be visible to your website visitors, but Lipscore will still be fully operational: invitations will be scheduled and sent, and feedback will be collected from your shoppers.

Stealth mode settings
Hide Rating widget until there is at least one rating in it

Settings > General > Rating settings > Hide ratings if the ratings count is less than

Here you can choose a number of ratings you would like to have collected before you display the Rating widget on your website. If you set this setting to 1, the Rating widget will not be visible on your product pages until there is at least 1 rating in it – so there will be no empty stars on your product pages.

Hide rating widget until there are ratings in it
XML feed for your Google Shopping ads

Settings > General > System settings > Google Shopping XML feed

The goal of uploading the Google Shopping XML feed to your Google Merchant Center is to display Lipscore ratings and reviews in your Google Shopping ads.

Here is where you will find instructions on how to do it. Click the link and use the log in details to download the feed file. Follow these instructions for Uploading Lipscore XML feed to Google Merchant Center.

Please note: Although the feed is prepared in such a way that gives Google all the necessary information to display the ratings and reviews, and we have had many customers whose ratings and reviews are displaying in their Google Shopping ads, Google works in mysterious ways and we cannot guarantee your customers’ feedback will be displayed. Also, it may take some time before you collect enough reviews and before they are indexed by Google. Please contact your Google Merchant Center consultant in case of questions.

Google shopping setting

When your customer start sharing their ratings and reviews with you, it is recommended to keep track of your results and make conclusions about your products and services based on your customers’ feedback.

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